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Hi all, we finally have completed our server migration and move of our websites. With it comes much improved site stability, faster loading times, and the main Music Hall pages are now fixed and viewable! (finally). Unfortunately our old host who we had been with for over a year starting showing serious service degradation with in the last few months and refused to fix their back end mysql cluster. So thanks to our staff members on our sister site who helped provide money to get us our own dedicated server! It's quite beefy to as we got it on a good special/sale from the data center.
If you run across any bugs, please let me know or post it on the forums!

Hi all,
Yasuno here (A.K.A MajorCyto from the previous version of the site) here to welcome you back to StarBards! It's been quite a long while since our previous version of the site, back in 2014! I have decided to re-open this site and include it in my new network of sites i am working on. I have been running MabiBeats (Version 5) for well over a year now with no problems (In fact, MabiBeats just now turned 1 years old!). If you are already a member of our Mabinogi Music Site you can actually use your same login, no need to re-register again!
I have taken most of the improvements or things i have worked on over at MabiBeats and implemented them here. For now some of the SSR (Song Submission Review) team from our MabiBeats site are volunteering here to approve the music queue, but active SSR members for our StarBards site would be much appreciated! Please PM me for further information on how to apply.
There may be some bugs, or things i have missed please let me know if you come across them.
Known Bugs
Unread Content Button, and Various Activity Streams currently show an error page - Working on it!